Dealing with Plugins

Plugins are designed & created by developers and have a specific set of rules. They are built to have specific conversions rather than the base interpretation Parabeac creates. Each plugin that Parabeac makes will have documentation to teach the Sketch designer to conform to it's rules.

Currently we don't support plugins when using Symbols or Miscellaneous items, please temporarily use normal grouping. This will come soon!

Using plugins are easy to learn, you just need to understand a couple of consistent properties:

  • Base Semantic

    • Each plugin can be initiated through the base semantic name extension. Semantics are described with <> notation. (e.g <navbar>) You can name a sketch element anything you'd like, just end it with <foo>.

  • Child Specific Semantics

    • Plugins could have children that are described by semantic name extensions. You will describe them just like base semantic(s) except they will only be relevant with its parent has already been detected as a plugin.