State Management
Parabeac-Core can automatically generate states for your symbols using either Bloc, Provider, or Riverpods (we plan to add support for more state management libraries soon!).
Adding state to your design elements is as simple as adding the state you want to associate to your symbols.
We will use the sample design file below which contains a card symbol that has two states: Loved and Not Loved.
Sample design file with symbol with two states: "Loved" & "Not Loved"

Naming Your Symbols to Support State Management

Adding state to your symbols simply requires for to name the symbol in the following way:
For our sample design, we will update the names of our symbols by adding a "/" to separate the name of our symbol and the state.
What you name your symbol or the state is completely optional and will not affect the conversion into great code. Simply remember to add a "/" to devide the name of the symbol and the name of the state.
And that's it! It is that easy to start describing states and it is often a convention that designers use to describe the same element in different ways!
Last modified 5mo ago