Getting Started
This guide is for designers to organize their Sketch & Figma files & prepare them for conversion using Parabeac Core or Parabeac Nest. We will cover a design exercise to easily understand the basic concepts & create an app screen with a top navigation bar & bottom tab bar. You can always check out our documentation for more details or to learn about other aspects of Parabeac.
The Parabeac Protocol is simple and fast. It consists in four easy sections:

1. Top Navigation

Adding a few naming tags to the design file will result in high quality code for developers.

2. Bottom Navigation

Similarly to the top navigation, a few naming tags will result in efficient code.

3. State Management of Symbols

Parabeac Core supports state management and only requires a simple name convention on symbols.

4. Designing using Symbols

An easy step to your symbols page will save the developer a lot of time by working with organized code.
Let's dive in!
Last modified 3mo ago