Creating reusable code using Sketch Symbols

To reduce the amount of code created, developers often create reusable code. Designers do the same through the use of Sketch Symbols. Parabeac understands Sketch Symbols to be converted to reusable code.

For example, through Parabeac, a Symbol Master outputs as a function for developers, this allows the developers to call this function at any time.

Why you shouldn’t just make symbols in the Symbols page

Parabeac understands the scope of a Sketch Element. If you create a Symbol in the typical Symbols page, Parabeac currently assigns this to the shared.dartfile.

All Symbols will be exported to a shared file.

However, if you create a Symbol for example Home Screens , it will generate with its proper scope. Meaning a shared.dart file will be generated in the HomeScreens folder for the developer. This makes it easier for developers to look for and overall cleans the export of the conversion.

Why this matters for Developers

To translate to developer language, what this means is Parabeac is generating folders that are relating to each page. The Symbols page is essentially your shared/ folder. Home Screens is your home_screens/ where your home_screen.dart may reside. Symbols defined within Home Screens rather than symbols will go in home_screens/shared.dart as a function. Symbol Instances result in function calls to the function generated by a Symbol Master.


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