Creating reusable code using Sketch Symbols

A common practice in programming is creating reusable code. To no surprise, it is common for designers to do this as well. Kindling is intelligent enough to understand Symbols to be reusable code.

For example, through Kindling, a Symbol Master outputs as a Function for developers, this allows the developers to call this function at any time.

Why you shouldn’t just make symbols in the Symbols page

Kindling understands the scope of a Sketch Element, so when Kindling outputs its code, it can structure shared Symbols in folders where they’re most needed. When a project gets large enough to where the Symbols page is flooded with many different items

Why this matters for Developers

To translate to developer language, what this means is Kindling is generating folders that are relating to each page. The Symbols page is essentially your Shared/ folder. Home Page is your HomePage/ where your home_screen.dart resides. Symbols defined within HomePage rather than symbols will go in ashared_home_page.dart as a function. Symbol Instances result in function calls to the function generated by a Symbol Master.