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Hi! Welcome to Parabeac's Documentation!
Here you can find documentation for designers & developers. Parabeac was built to enable teams to have quality designer/developer handoff. One challenge is understanding ambiguous Sketch Elements. One of our solutions is for designers to follow a protocol that enables designers to add semantics to elements that have ambiguity. We realized though that designers are very much like developers, & we treat your designs as such. We hope to enable product teams to collaborate & increase their productivity like never before.
Please reach out if you have any questions or comments!


Parabeac uses naming conventions inside of Sketch to give our tool Semantics. We use this to produce more intelligent code that replicates what a developer would normally do. Semantics are often wrapped with: <>
You will see definitions such as <background> or <h-scrollview> to define something that is otherwise very difficult to detect.


Check out to see what we're currently working on and help us add the features that you want!
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